it’s all about feeling your best.

It started out as a convenience on my way out of the gym.

I would walk next door, grab a juice and a snack, chat with my friend Natalie, and didn’t think much about it. That convenience turned into a hobby when I started realizing how much better I felt! That uncomfortable bloat I couldn’t seem to get rid of finally went away, I was more energized and always in a better mood, people started complimenting my complexion and skin tone, and I wasn’t craving unhealthy foods. I was hooked.

Juice is the bomb.

One juice-filled year later and I purchased Zest from my friend Natalie. I’m finally able to combine my passion for health and wellness with my love for helping people! My goal is to get you hooked too! It’s amazing what a few extra doses of vitamins and nutrients can do! But not just juice! Make the healthy choice and stop by for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack or a smoothie!

order online, pick up in store.

All online orders will be available for next day pickup! Cut off time for next day pickup is 4:00pm. Guaranteed fresh!

Zest Tip: Give us a call first! We might have what you need in stock!

Orders placed on Friday will be ready for pickup on Monday morning!

Thank you for supporting our small business! Stay healthy, friends!

why juice?

Detoxing with juice can result in glowing skin

Juicing improves digestion and decreases bloat

Greater fruit and vegetable consumption increases energy

All the nutrients from juice promote a stronger immune system