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Fruits & Roots

apple, lemons, cayenne, maple syrup

Aids in digestion, eases migraines, boosts metabolism

 apple, pineapple, mint

Anti-inflammatory, improves cognitive function

beets, carrots, cucumber, apples, lime, ginger

Great detox, aids in digestion, increases breast milk, lowers blood pressure

apple, carrot, ginger

Anti-inflammatory, aids in digestion, provides vision support

oranges, sweet potato, carrots, lemon

Hydrates and firms skin, anti-inflammatory, provides vision support, great source of vitamin C

apples, lemon, ginger, activated charcoal

Great for detoxing!!

just oranges!

Reduces cholesterol, rich in vitamin C

Build your own 6-pack of juice!

Try some new flavors or stock up on your favorite.

Pay it forward! 

Donate juice to be delivered to the hospital in order to support our front line health care workers.

Green Juices

kale, romaine, apple, ginger, lime

Rich in potassium, fights cancer, decreases cholesterol and blood pressure

spinach, parsley, yellow pepper, banana pepper, ginger, lemon, lime

Very low sugar, high in vitamins A, C, E and K

pineapple, romaine, apples, cucumber and kale

Rich in potassium, hydrates skin, promotes hair and nail growth, boosts immune system

kale, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, ginger

Aids in digestion, hydrates skin, fights cancer, promotes hair and nail growth

celery juice


Anti-inflammatory, improves kidney and bowel functions, antioxidants, flushes liver toxins, fills viruses and bacteria, blowers bad cholesterol, fights heart disease, promotes healthy and clear skin, and boosts weight loss.

celery juice


Anti-inflammatory, aids in digestion.

apples, grapes, cucumber, spinach and lime

Reduces inflammation, supports immune system, improves digestion, lowers blood sugar, and increases energy.


All cleanses include: Kale Yeah, GoGo Green, Jolly Green, Happy Beet, Sunshine Juice, Apple Zinger

A quick way to press restart!
6 juices a day for 1 day

Keep the chew, but with the same amazing results!
4 juices and 1 healthy meal a day for 3 days

Back to my BEST self!
6 juices a day for 3 days

Detox in full effect! Feeling good, looking good.
6 juices a day for 5 days

Look at you, Rockstar! The ultimate cleanse!
6 juices a day for 7 days




Almond Milk

almonds, dates, vanilla, sea salt and cinnamon

High in vitamin E, C, B-6, niacin, folate and fiber

almonds, water, dates, sea salt, vanilla, raw cacao powder

High in magnesium, vitamin E, protein and fiber

Check our social media to see what our current seasonal Almond Milk is!


oranges, ginger, turmeric, cayenne, honey, lime, apple cider vinegar

Overall boost for your immune system, prevent sickness/illness or ease symptoms

red tart cherries, turmeric root

Anti-inflammatory, eases aches and joint pains

apples, ginger root

Aids in digestion, clears sinuses, eases headaches, provides allergy relief


Vegan and Paleo Chocolate Bars.

Vegan and Paleo chocolate covered nuts.


Vegan and Paleo snacking and baking chocolate.

why juice?

Detoxing with juice can result in glowing skin

Juicing improves digestion and decreases bloat

Greater fruit and vegetable consumption increases energy

All the nutrients from juice promote a stronger immune system

juicy reviews

Amazing juice! Never felt better from something so natural! I will definitely be back! Recommend to anyone trying to be part of a healthy lifestyle while drinking something that tastes so good!

juicy reviews

Amazing juice! Never felt better from something so natural! I will definitely be back! Recommend to anyone trying to be part of a healthy lifestyle while drinking something that tastes so good!

Update! Read me!

Little change of plans! We have decided to hangout downtown a few more days! We are still waiting on some final touches and working through some delivery delays for our new kitchen and think its best to wait until it is completely finished.

In the meantime, we will be open downtown from 8am-6pm. Come see us and say a bittersweet goodbye to the our lil E Main juice shop <3